Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione and Alfa Romeo 8C Spider

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At the Swiss show, one attraction not to be missed was the area dedicated to the exclusive Limited Edition supercars of Alfa Romeo: the Alfa 8C Competizione and Alfa 8C Spider, two sports cars causing collectors and fans throughout the world to dream, each receiving thousands of applications within a few days.
Produced in only 500 copies each, both cars were designed by the Alfa Romeo Style Center and are distinguished by their surfaces modeled entirely in carbon fiber which perfectly “clothe” the styling and mechanical excellence of Alfa Romeo: flowing lines expressing all the beauty of a genuine “work of art in motion,” which harks back to the glorious past of the brand, and at the same time projects into the future its values of technology and excitement.
The Alfa 8C Competizione and Alfa 8C Spider are fitted with the powerful “8 cylinder” of 4.7 liters producing 450 HP coupled - by transaxle architecture - to a 6-speed sequential transmission, and are immediately appreciated for their unmistakable Italian elegance, a unique and unmatchable style which heralds the pleasure of sports driving while fully respecting the Alfa Romeo tradition. A major feature is the excellent Brembo carbo-ceramic braking system (CCM), which is standard on the 8C Spider, providing powerful and effective braking even under intense use, and significantly reducing the weight of the "non-suspended" body, enhancing dynamic behavior and driving comfort.
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