Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alfa Romeo Brera TI 1.75 Liter 200 HP Turbo Gasoline Engine (Euro 5)

Also appearing on the Swiss exhibition runway was an Alfa Brera offered in the TI version and fitted with the new 1.75 liter 200 HP Tbi engine (Euro 5) giving it a maximum speed of 235 km/h and 0 to 100 km/h acceleration in 7.7 seconds. Despite this exciting performance, consumption and emissions are low: respectively 8.1 liters/100 Km and 189 g/km of CO2 (in combined cycle).
In addition to its high-spec equipment – the Frau® leather covering, the dual-zone climate control, the electrically operated seats, Cruise Control, the 7 airbags, the VDC system (with Electronic Q2) and Hill Holder – this car can be identified from the TI logo on the front wings. TI for Turismo Internazionale, an abbreviation which Alfa Romeo assigns only to cars with the highest level of equipment specification and sophisticated technical features. These are cars developed from production versions but which, using experience gained on race tracks throughout the world, are customized with mechanical developments and style features, becoming “thoroughbreds” which can be driven on ordinary roads.
The Alfa Romeo engineers have tuned the suspension and geometry (-10 mm) to further enhance the already renowned handling characteristics and sportiness of the car; springs and shock absorbers now have a stiffer set-up, specially designed to ensure effective grip for the 19 inch tires, while the new alloy rims, inspired by the 8C Competizione, have a shape designed to achieve maximum weight reduction and cooling of the braking system. The latter features large brake discs and red Brembo one-piece aluminum front calipers with radial mounting. These high-quality technical features constitute the maximum expression of Alfa Romeo driving pleasure, with its time-honored qualities of agility, steering precision and safety under all conditions.
The interior of the TI combines the highest sporting spirit of Alfa Romeo with the class and elegance expected from an Italian product. The precision of the finishing and the quality of the materials were the guiding principles of the Alfa Romeo Style Center in designing the interior environment. The high-containment anatomical seats are covered in soft leather and finished with stitching and a metal badge with the TI logo. On request, the center console of the dashboard and the steering wheel insignia can be in carbon fiber. The steering wheel anatomical grip and gear change knob are finished in perforated leather. The interior environment can be rendered even more exclusive by choosing a leather dashboard, a refined hand-crafted option. For maximum driving satisfaction, the instruments also come with “sporty” graphics, with white lighting, while the pedals and foot rest are in aluminum with a special non-slip treatment.
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