Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Fiat Automobiles renews its sponsorship of the Fiat Yamaha Team for 2009-2010

Valentino Rossi in action.Image by Patrick Mayon via Flickr

Fiat Automobiles SpA announces the renewal of its sponsorship of the official Yamaha Team, the Fiat Yamaha Team, for two years - 2009–2010 - of the world MotoGP class championship.

After covering itself with glory in 2008 - the Fiat Yamaha Team driver, Valentino Rossi, won the world driver's title; the young Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo won the title for the best newcomer of the year; the Fiat Yamaha Team won the team championship while Yamaha triumphed in the manufacturers' rankings - Fiat Automobiles is to continue this original sponsorship deal that has successfully married the worlds of two and four wheels since 2007, not to mention two brands that have written some of the most memorable pages in the history of racing and the motor industry.

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