Monday, November 17, 2008

Lancia Experience now in Facebook

Lancia again uses the potential and interactivity of the Internet to broadcast its own values. Lancia Experience is the new Lancia Fan page in Facebook, the coolest social network around: with over 100 million active users, it is the fourth largest site in the world for traffic, and is the most widely-used application for photo-sharing with over 24 million pictures posted every day.

Facebook is the tool that changes Internet communication logic; it is a “virtual agora” in which you create your own personal profile and share videos, photos and messages.

After Lancia Village’s successful experience in Second Life, here is a new official space dedicated to fans of the Lancia world and its cars of yesterday and today, while looking to the future and Web 2.0. Communication is continuously changing. This is why Lancia decided to be part of the most widespread social network of the moment, to dialogue directly with its users, especially young people who are so aware of fashions and the latest trends.

So the project for strategic communication on the Internet now includes this Fan page, in which you can see new and exclusive content that supplements other Web sites in the Lancia universe. Facebook is a utility that permits a user-friendly approach and real-time communication between Lancia and its fans who actively contribute to constructing this shared space.

A new, virtual place where Lancia proves its awareness of new technologies, through a tool which enables users to intervene, comment and participate in the life of the page itself and of the Brand. It is a system that offers its own exclusive contributions, but also involves and brings together Lancia fans throughout the world, constructing an active dialogue between car manufacturer and its fans.

Lancia Experience contains the entire Lancia world: users can discover exclusive content on cinema, fashion, all national and international events, in addition to spots and press campaigns, thanks to photo albums and videos. And that’s not all: behind the scenes and a space dedicated entirely to historic videos: an archive just a click away, to which contributions are added every day that recall Lancia’s journey from its beginnings to our time. Constant updating of the content makes it a dynamic, active and continuously evolving space. Users receive a message of notification whenever a new contribution is uploaded, so fans are always up-to-date with the latest news to be discovered online.

This constant updating by the efforts of a dedicated team helps ensure, once again, Lancia’s supremacy. Among all the car manufacturers, Lancia Experience is without doubt the most up-to-date and dynamic page and, just like Lancia, constantly on the move.

The watchword is involvement: even members of unofficial Lancia groups in Facebook have been invited to contribute to Lancia Experience.

A few figures: after only a few days of being online, there were 1000 international fans mainly from Italy, but also from France, Spain, Czech Republic, Portugal, Poland, Morocco, Finland... and that’s not all. About 100 photos have been posted by users and over 60 comments on The Wall, proof of the passion for Lancia, its cars and its elegant character and temperament.

Talking about news, Lancia Experience will be offering special initiatives dedicated to all fans. The first? The “2009 Lancia calendar” project: the best pictures of Lancia cars, classic or current, posted by users up until 10 December, will be included in the online 2009 Lancia Calendar.

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