Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Alfa Romeo sponsors the SBK Superbike World Championship® and Ducati Racing

Alfa Romeo logoImage via WikipediaThis year and for the next three years, Alfa Romeo will once again be involved in all 14 SBK Superbike World Championship competitions: 10 in Europe, 1 in Australia, 1 in Qatar, 1 in South Africa and 1 in the USA. Attracting growing audiences both at race circuits, where spectators numbered over 1 million in 2008, and at home (with more than 2 billion viewers), the events are particularly in harmony with Alfa Romeo’s hallmark sporting spirit. The SBK Championship is broadcast by 95 TV channels, offering a total of almost 3,500 hours of coverage in the course of the racing season.

In each race, the 32 SBK World Championship riders will be escorted by the Alfa Romeo Safety Cars, four bright red 1.4-liter turbocharged spark ignition MiTo superminis: perfect for catching the public eye. The initiative will enjoy tremendous visibility, with an audience including fans at the tracks, the entire sales network and customers.

Alfa Romeo will also be a leading player in the two-wheeler world together with Ducati Racing, fielding such top riders on the Moto GP circuit as 2006 world champion Nicky Hayden and 2007 world champion Casey Stoner. On the Superbike circuit, Alfa will be sponsoring riders Michel Fabrizio and Noriyuki Haga

In addition, Alfa Romeo will be a prime trackside attraction during warm-ups and before every race in the whole constellation of competitions surrounding the SBK Superbike World Championship: the Superstock 600 European Championship, the Superstock 1000 FIM Cup and the Supersport World Championship.

Alfa Romeo’s continuing sponsorship of the SBK Superbike World Championship and Ducati Racing is enthusiastically backed by the brand’s new managing director Sergio Cravero, who has long promoted these opportunities for communication and for enhancing the make’s image: opportunities that can also provide a springboard for new products like the limited-edition Alfa Romeo 147 Ducati Racing brought out last year.

Alfa Romeo’s intensive work together with the SBK Superbike World Championship® and Ducati Racing will continue through to the end of 2011.
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