Monday, May 25, 2009

Alfa Romeo a protagonist on three continents

(From L) Fiat Chairman Luca Cordero Di Monteze...Image by AFP/Getty Images via Daylife

Alfa Romeo has always supported its customers with special offers and initiatives not only in the name of sport, style and performance, but to improve safety and accident prevention, too. Only Alfa Romeo has succeeded so well in combining and rendering totally compatible these distinctive values under the one brand.

To satisfy a growing demand for its products, Alfa Romeo is now returning to Argentina. “Centro Milano”, the official importers, are about to import 160 cars from Italy. Seventy are Alfa Romeo MiTos, and the rest a mix of Alfa 147, Alfa 159, Alfa Brera and Alfa Spider models. A new official website has been inaugurated for the occasion, too ( The “sportiest compact ever” will soon be a protagonist on the other side of the world too! From July the 120 and 155 HP 1.4 Turbocharged versions of the Alfa Romeo MiTo will go on sale in Australia.

And now, from South America and Australia to Europe! On the 4th June the first French “Italian Motor Village” will be inaugurated in Cannes. The Italian Motor Village project began 3 years ago with the opening in Turin of the Mirafiori Motor Village, Fiat Group’s first multipurpose centre anywhere in the world. Over the next few months the concept will be extended to Spain, Portugal, Germany and Italy. In the futuristic French village, the public will find a large area dedicated exclusively to the entire Alfa Romeo range.

Finally, the exclusive series events organised by Alfa Romeo for its fans are continuing. After the success of the first “Drive on Track” event in Varano de’ Melegari, the next event for Alfisti will take place on the 27th June on the Pergusa circuit near Enna in Sicily, in the presence of the driver–instructors of the International Centre for Safe Driving. The Sicilian circuit is 4.950 kilometres long and winds through the spectacular scenery of the Lake Pergusa Nature Reserve. This excitement-packed event offers a wide range of activities and will provide a day of instruction in the pleasures of sport driving on board Alfa Romeo MiTo and Brera cars.

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