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Ferrari: protagonist of major “L’Automobile Italiana 1899 – 2009” exhibition

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Contemporaneously with four other museums, Galleria Ferrari presents “L’Automobile Italiana” (The Italian Automobile), an exhibition offering car enthusiasts (and not only) from around the world a unique opportunity to admire the milestones of a century of creative genius.
International symbols of style, class, elegance, technology and sportiness, Italian cars lie at the heart of an original initiative which brings together the great iconic Italian marques as part of a voyage of discovery of the most exclusive products of Italian ingenuity between 1899, the year in which Fiat was founded, and the present.

The exhibition illustrates the extent to which the automobile has changed our way of life and customs at various turning points in history, and the influence of creative thought and the economy on the evolution of the cars themselves. It holds a mirror up to an entire era, revealing the advertisements, the aspirations, the sense of freedom and escape, and scientific application involved. This is the story of an entire century told by looking at the car, which probably more than anything else has characterised its direction and fuelled the dreams of every strata of society. In its role as official Prancing Horse museum and home to Maranello’s permanent single-seater and GT collections, the Galleria Ferrari has for the occasion decided to pay special homage to such technological masterpieces as the 1907 FIAT 130 HP, the 1954 Lancia Aurelia B 24, the 1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B and the 1948 Maserati A6 1500 as well staging the “110 Years of the World’s Most Beautiful Cars” exhibition of photography with original film clips produced by the various marques.

The Galleria Ferrari is taking part in the exhibition in collaboration with other prestige collections: the Museo dell’Automobile di Torino at the Torino Esposizioni centre, the Collezione Umberto Panini at Corlo di Formigine (just a few kilometres outside Maranello), the Museo Nicolis dell’Auto, della Tecnica, della Meccanica at Villafranca near Verona, and the Centro Storico Fiat, home to the designs and actual vehicles (destined for air, sea and land) produced by the renowned multi-faceted Italian company over the years.

Until October 31st, visitors will enjoy reduced entry fees at the other museums involved in the exhibition when they produce the ticket purchased at the first one they visit. Most importantly of all, they will be able to book very special visits to two private collections: the Collezione Umberto Panini, which houses one of the most complete collections of Maseratis in the world, and the Centro Storico Fiat, which opened in 1963 and is based in the first extension made to the workshops on Corso Dante in Turin, where Fiat began life.

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