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Fiat Panda exceeds production target of 1,500,000

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Another historical milestone for the Panda and for the Fiat Auto Poland plant in Tychy, where it is produced. The 1,500,000th Fiat Panda has just rolled off the Polish production line: it was a 1.3 Multijet with an Emotion outfit, magnetic blue in colour and destined for an Italian customer.

Production of the Fiat Panda at Tychy began in 2003 and has grown steadily over the years. This year, a record number of 285,000 will be produced. The car has also gained a growing number of admirers throughout all the major European markets. This success has been borne out by its numerous awards, including the prestigious title of Car of the Year 2004. The Panda is a veritable market phenomenon by any standards: it has remained the biggest-selling segment A car in Europe without a break since 2003, and demand has stayed at record levels over the years. To illustrate its success, no fewer than 93.3 percent of the Panda cars produced in Tychy have been exported to 74 countries, including states such as Japan, South Africa and Mexico (as well as Italy, France and Germany, the car's major markets).

The Fiat Panda is marketed with four types of engine, including three petrol units (54 HP 1.1, 60 HP 1.2 and 100 HP 1.4) and a diesel (the 70 HP 1.3 Multijet), with low environmental impact and ultra-low fuel consumption. Not to mention the four wheel drive 4x4 versions, special series (such as Mamy, Glam and Adventure) and the eco-friendly methane and LPG Natural Power versions, testaments to Fiat's respect for the environment. The Fiat Panda can also be equipped with a manual gearbox or Dualogic automatic transmission.

The Tychy plant where the Fiat Panda is produced is part of an automotive industry world élite, as recently confirmed by the award of a Silver Level following a 'Word Class Manufacturing' international audit for the use of the best and most effective production process management methods. All this has a direct impact on the quality of cars produced: for example, the Fiat Panda achieved first place in the city car category – segments A and B - in a reliability league table published by ADAC (German Automobile Club).

The Fiat Auto Poland plant in Tychy employs nearly 6,000 people and one car rolls off its lines every 35 seconds. It is forecast that the plant will produce a total of nearly 600,000 cars this year.

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