Monday, July 27, 2009

Maserati GranTurismo MC debut

A decidedly satisfying sum-up for the new Maserati GranTurismo MC in its first weekend of races. After yesterday’s magnificent second spot at the podium, the car driven by the Sbirrazzuoli-Casè duo got a good sixth place in the second race of the weekend held Saturday morning at 9.00.
The race was run under grey skies that cleared only towards the end, on a practically dry track.

After losing one position at the start-off, Lorenzo Casè managed to gain two positions, moving to sixth place before giving up the wheel to his mate Cèdric Sbirrazzuoli. The young Monte Carlo driver defended the position in the second part of the race, holding it until the checkered flag was waved. In this eighth round of the series the GranTurismo MC favorably surprised everyone with its lap times that matched the best of the bunch.

This debut weekend’s results therefore confirm the car's excellent potential: "it’s a new car that hasn’t had a glitch the whole weekend", remarked the drivers. The GranTurismo MC has shown great reliability, optimum overall behavior, and an excellent balance, giving the team great expectations for the future.
The Maserati Trofeo’s performance, closing at eleventh place with Andrea Perlini, was satisfying.

Rounds nine and ten of the GT4 European Cup are set for 23 August at the Zolder track in Belgium.
Amato Ferrari: “A second and sixth place as the overall result for the first racing weekend is positive. The car has proven it is highly reliable. Now we have to find a more favorable balance from the organizers because it is evident that we are perfectly in line with our opponents’ performance. The car’s potential is certainly good and we hope this will mean the start of a long series of victories just like the ones we experienced with the debut of the MC12 in 2004.”

Lorenzo Casé: “The overall result this first weekend is absolutely positive. In the first race yesterday our starting position was harder. Cédric (Sbirrazzuoli, editor’s note) started out very well, he did an excellent job during the first part of the race and he handed over the car in a more favorable position. I felt immediately at home with the car and I was able to move up to podium position, a great debuting result. Today we passed the checkered flag in sixth position, which is nevertheless a good result despite being less satisfying than yesterday in terms of ranking. But what’s most important is that the car’s overall behavior was excellent, extremely reliable. Despite it being its debut, it gave absolutely no problems the entire weekend.”

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