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Fiat at the 63rd International Motor Show in Frankfurt

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Fiat Group Automobiles will have a separate stand for each of its brands at the 63rd Frankfurt Motor Show, with each stand featuring a design in net contrast to convention.
Though differentiated to reflect the specific nature of each brand, all the group’s stands will share the common concept of “The World I’d Like” as seen through the eyes of children. An industry that is projected towards the future must listen to the wishes of the children of today, because today's children will grow up to make tomorrow’s world a great place to live.
For the Fiat brand, the children chose a green, open-skied city, represented by their own large-scale paintings arranged as scenery. Clouds, flowers and houses project visitors into a huge paper world on which the children have expressed their hopes and desires for a future that is ever more respectful of the environment. Between the houses and parks of the kids’ imaginary city there is also space for the latest developments in automobile technology, in the form of cars that have taken a giant step towards sustainable mobility. It is no coincidence that the Fiat range is the most ecological of Europe’s ten best-selling automotive brands with the lowest average value for CO2 emissions for the second year running: 133.7 g/km for vehicles sold in 2008 (137.3 g/km for vehicles sold in 2007).
Various new models will be on display at Fiat’s stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show. For a start, the event will see the world debut of the new Punto Evo, the evolution of the Grande Punto that is destined to repeat the success of its predecessor and become the new pacesetter for innovation, safety and style, thanks to its many innovative features.
The epithet “Evo” identifies a level of car design that is capable of satisfying even the most demanding customers in terms of technology, driving pleasure and respect for the environment.
The Punto Evo expresses its technical excellence first and foremost through a wide choice of Euro 5 engines, including a 1.3 second generation Multijet diesel and a 1.4 petrol engine with the revolutionary MultiAir technology developed by Fiat Powertrain Technologies and eventually to be incorporated in all Fiat Group engines. Fiat’s innovative and conventional powerplants are also joined by dual-fuel methane and petrol units to create the most complete and ecological range of engines in the segment. With reduced consumption and emissions in mind, the new Punto Evo also offers Start&Stop, the system that switches off and restarts the engine in stop-and-go traffic. Start&Stop is being introduced as standard on all Euro5 petrol and diesel engines. Another system making its first appearance on the Punto Evo is “Blue&Me–TomTom”, the new portable satellite navigation unit that lets you manage telephone, navigation and information functions on a practical colour touch-screen.
In the area of safety, the Punto Evo sets new standards thanks to 7 airbags, including a driver knee airbag. The Punto Evo is one of very few cars in its segment with a driver knee airbag fitted as standard on all versions. Other innovative safety systems are also available, including Hill-Holder to help with hill starts, adaptive 'cornering' front fog lights that switch on automatically with dipped headlights according to the angle of steering, and Fiat’s tried and tested ABS, EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) and ESP (Electronic Stability Program) systems.
Finally, the new Punto Evo is even more attractive thanks to the work of Fiat’s Centro Stile. The interiors (fascia, seats and instrumentation) have been completely renewed to become even more prestigious and elegant, and the outside has been given a thoroughly restyled look too.
The Fiat Punto Evo goes on sale in the second half of October with the precise objective of consolidating its role as one of Europe’s market leaders in the highly important compact segment.
In addition to the latest entry in the Fiat range, the Frankfurt Motor Show will also be focusing on the 500C. This original cabriolet version of the 500 pays homage to the 1957 soft-top but comes packed with advanced solutions in build, engines and passenger comfort. Presented in July, the Fiat 500C has already attracted 13,000 orders, repeating the success of the 500 on all markets where it has been introduced.
The spotlights will also be focusing on the stylistically and technically renewed Fiat Sedici. The introduction of two new engines (a 120 HP 1.6 16v petrol and a 135 HP 2.0 16v Multijet diesel that emits only 129 gr.CO2/km) has made the new Sedici the most ecological of all Euro 5 SUV’s. The new Fiat Sedici therefore represents the ideal vehicle for the environmentally aware customer in search of a compact SUV that is capable of tackling off-road routes and is also practical to drive around town.
Finally, Frankfurt will also see the arrival of the Qubo Trekking, the latest version of Fiat’s “free space” vehicle for nature lovers, outdoor sports and leisure enthusiasts, now equipped with “Traction +”. “Traction +” is an innovative electronic system that improves traction and grip to help you out of difficult situations and let you negotiate even the most challenging surfaces (snow, mud, etc.).
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