Friday, January 08, 2010

Ferrari 599XX on display to celebrate the Fiat-Chrysler partnership

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Although Ferrari will not officially take part in the 2010 North American Auto Show in Detroit, the company will display a 599XX on the Chrysler stand to celebrate the historic Fiat-Chrysler deal.

The 599XX is an extreme, high-performance berlinetta and is packed with innovative technology. The car is not homologated for the road, being aimed only at non-competitive track use, and is reserved for just 20 select clients.

This “laboratory” model is the result of extensive research in both the road car and Formula 1 fields. It brims with new solutions in terms of aerodynamics, electronic controls and chassis dynamics, with many being proposed together for the first time ever on a car and, of these, several are unique to this model. As is usual with Ferrari’s advanced research projects, the experience gained with this car will be used as the basis for developing future road cars with extreme high-performance characteristics.

The 599XX is also an example of Ferrari’s exclusive and limited production. All Prancing Horse cars are designed, engineered and developed entirely in-house in the company’s factory in Maranello and incorporate all the latest specialist technologies that can only be applied to low-volume production like Ferrari’s.

The official track debut of the 599XX for the client test-drivers is at Homestead in Florida in March.
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