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Fiat Group Automobiles Hellas wins two "green" awards

  •     The Fiat Group's significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions awarded in Greece.
  •     In 2011, the Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Abarth vehicles sold in Greece totalled an average of 122.26 g/km of CO2, corresponding to a 8.7% decrease with respect to 2010 (133.9 g/km).  
  •     The Fiat brand holds the record in Greece with an average of 116.2 g/km vs. the 129.8 g/km of 2010.
  •     A record also for Fiat Professional light commercial vehicles thanks to their average CO2 emissions of 139.9 g/km compared to 162.0 g/km of 2010.  This is a 13.6% reduction, i.e. more than double the average 6% reduction of all the commercial vehicles sold in Greece.

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Fiat Group Automobiles Hellas has won an Environmental Award in the "Green product or service" category for its   "Sustainable mobility and CO2 emission reduction" procedures. More in detail, Fiat Group Automobiles Hellas was singled out for having implemented green technologies on the Greek market which caused a significant reduction of polluting substance emissions and atmospheric pollution in the country.

In this area, Fiat Group Automobiles Hellas is presenting its range of cars and commercial vehicles running on alternative fuels, such as natural gas, to reduce emissions and consumption which translates into benefits for end customers as well. Fiat is taking this commitment seriously and has recently given a bi-fuel petrol/methane Fiat Panda Natural Power to the city of Thessaloniki to promote the company's green principles in the best possibly manner and introduce its comprehensive range of eco-friendly, fuel-effective, low-emission vehicles to Greek motorists.

Fiat Group Automobiles Hellas also won the "Green Leader Award" in the "Product carbon footprint" category. The "Green Leader Awards" are assigned by two non-profit organisations, CSE (Centre for Sustainability and Excellence) and myclimate, which examine companies, products and services aimed to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions deriving from their activities.

Climate changes and the energy crisis has confirmed the need to reconsider the automobile as a concept to develop, among other things, solutions for protecting the environment. This is why the Fiat Group constantly invests in important research activities for developing eco-technologies and developments for cars. The leadership of Fiat Group Automobiles Hellas in the area of eco-friendly mobility is no chance: taking all the cars and light commercial vehicles registered in Greece in 2011, the group - with the Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Abarth and Fiat Professional brands - ranks first in CO2  emission reduction with an average of 122.26 g/km of CO2 corresponding to a 8.7% reduction with respect to 2010 (133.9 g/km).

Furthermore, of the best selling auto brands in Greece, Fiat totalled the lowest CO2 emissions, with an average of 116.2 g/km, with respect to the 129.8 g/km of 2010, which means a drastic 10.5% reduction. Equally important was the success in the light commercial vehicle segment, where Fiat Professional ranked first of all manufacturers with an average of CO2 emissions equal to 139.9 g/km compared to the 162.0 g/km of 2010.  This is a 13.6% reduction, equal to more than double the average 6% reduction obtained by all light commercial vehicles.

The two green awards won by Fiat Group Automobiles Hellas are added to the Fiat Group's long list of important international awards which confirm its constant commitment to eco-compatible mobility, a strategy which has made Fiat undisputed leader in Europe. Over the past five years, Fiat has recorded the lowest level of CO2 emissions of all cars sold in Europe, with an average value of 118.2 g/km in 2011 (4.9 g/km less than the average of 2010). The Fiat Group as a whole ranked first with 123.3 g/km. This achievement has been certified by JATO Dynamics, world leader in consulting and research for the automotive industry. One important recognition and an ongoing improvement: over the last 4 years, Fiat Automobiles has reduced its average emissions by 14%, from 137.3 to 118.2 g/km of CO2, which is significantly lower than the average target of 130 g/km set out by the European Union for 2015.

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