Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ferrari 360 Modena F1

Ferrari 360 Modena is successor of legendary Ferrari 355. Ferrari 360 Modena was at the time of introducing the most technically improved Ferrari ever. Special version of 360 Modena has mark F1 which clearly states what kind of car it is. Ferrari Modena 360 F1 was designed by Pininfarina studio.
Modena 360 F1 has V8 engine with 5 valves per cylinder (2xOHC). Engine has 3586 ccm and 400 Hp @ 8500 rpm. Largest torque is 373 Nm @ 4750 rpm. It has 6 gear manual transmission with commands on steering wheel instead of stick. From 0 to 100 K pH Ferrari 360 Modena F1 accelerates in 4,5 seconds an has top speed of more than 290 K pH. Modena 360 F1 has traction control and has drive-by-wire like F1 cars.

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