Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fiat Punto GT and HGT

Production of Fiat Punto started in 1993 and by year 2000, 4 millions were made. As many others, Fiat Punto also has sport versions, there are Punto GT and Punto HGT.
Fiat Punto GT is older than Punto HGT, and is more like real sport car.
Punto GT has engine with 4 cylinders in row, 1372 ccm, but the most important thing is that Punto GT has turbo charger. Engine of Punto GT delivers 130 Hp, which is enough for this small and light car. From 0 to 100 K pH Punto GT accelerates in 8,6 seconds and it has top speed of 202 K pH.
Like real sports car Punto GT responds to the throttle at little higher rpm's, but that is what makes driving more fun.
Fiat Punto HGT has standard 4 cylinder engine with 1747 ccm, 16V and 130 Hp. Even if it has the same power as Punto GT, the Punto HGT is slower at acceleration and has smaller top speed.
Both, the GT and the HGT have 5 gear manual transmission and front wheel drive.
Punto HGT has more space inside and has better equipment, but that is understandable because it is younger.

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