Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lancia is the sponsor for the RomaFictionFest

Lancia Delta Integrale, Martini 6Image by via Flickr

Lancia is the official sponsor for the RomaFictionFest 2009, scheduled to take place in the Italian capital between 6 and 11 July. It's the largest festival in the world dedicated to international television fiction in all its formats; from serials to TV movies, from mini-series to sitcoms. RomaFictionFest is put forward as the most comprehensive annual event to focus on global production, offering interesting new shows, some previewing for the first time.

The organisation will make available a fleet of 50 cars, customised with the show's trademark which will accompany all the stars and hosts of the RomaFictionFest onto theOrange Carpet.

Lancia will also support the 'Seriale' section of the Festival, which is the show's most represented. All works competing in this section will be screened in the Sala Lancia inside the Cinema Adriano.

Those taking part in the showings in the Sala Lancia may go into any Lancia dealership with their ticket counterfoil and try the new Lancia Delta.

By pairing up with the RomaFictionFest, Lancia is consistently continuing with its choice to support the seventh art even in its television expression. The values of the Lancia brand and its cars can also be found in quality fiction: style, quality of life, original and innovative solutions, personality, elegance and spirit.

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