Monday, June 29, 2009

FOTA Press Conference: working for more spectacular Grands Prix

"A very positive and constructive result for all the involved parties, which allows us to move on in a good and calm way.” Luca di Montezemolo, leaving the meeting of the eight FOTA teams today at Bologna, was satisfied with the agreement reached yesterday during the meeting with the FIA World Council in Paris.

Today’s meeting underlines what FOTA had already decided and was accepted unanimously yesterday by the Council: cost reduction and the objective to improve the spectacular aspects of the Championship, starting with certain rules and a stable situation, convincing all the big teams to remain in this Championship with agreements at least until 2012. Montezemolo said he was "struck by the enthusiasm people from F1 supported us when a break-up seemed unavoidable.” As far as the agreement is concerned the Chairman added: “We were coherent from the start and finally yesterday FIA accepted our proposals, guaranteeing certain rules, stability and allowing to reduce the costs.”

As far as the rules are concerned he underlined that “possible modifications to the rules, from now on, will be consigned to the F1 Commission", where also the teams are represented.

The Chairman and FOTA also thanked the FIA President: “Mosley was very clear and honest. He said that he had thought about leaving already some time ago and that his staff knew about it. Therefore I have to say, in a moment when Mosley is leaving, that I have to thank him, beyond the points of controversy we had, because he has been working very well, especially as far as safety is concerned.”

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