Friday, June 19, 2009

Young people choose Ferrari again

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Ferrari is still on top of the list where young newly graduated people want to start their careers. In Sweden’s University student survey, with a sample of around 8,000 students from 20 faculties, young people were asked where they would like to find work: on the first place the company from Maranello confirmed it’s position, as it has all the characteristics young people are looking for: creative, innovative and stimulating work and a friendly working environment. Also the international aspect of the brand with the Prancing Horse makes the company attractive, as there is the opportunity to make one’s career abroad. The survey suggests that the new generation of newly graduates is also looking for a company able to tackle a crisis and is also highly ethical, characteristics the interviewees see in Ferrari. Furthermore the survey underlines how the use of the Internet and social networks is the winning strategy to stay in contact with the world of young people looking for their first workplace.
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